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Shaman pendant

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  • Materials:  olive pit, fruit pit, seed
  • Size: 35 mm.
Pendant carved of a fruit stone, has a through vertical hole 2 mm.

Carving on fruit pits is a traditional kind of art in China. Since the 18-19th centuries, carving on apricot and peach stones were preserved, recently carving on olive pits (canarium species) became widespread in Asia.

Seeds of Canarium reach a size of 50-60 mm in length and 30 mm in diameter, with a wall thickness of 10-15 mm, an average pit size of 30-35 mm.

The bone of the seeds is hard, has a sufficient density for fine carving. In texture, the material is identical to organic bone (bones, teeth and tusks of animals), but it is lighter than ordinary bone.
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