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Kikimora charm

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  • Materials:  sterling silver
  • Size: 18х14х12 mm, 4 mm hole
Kikimora - charm for bracelets (Trollbeads, etc.)

DOES NOT fit Pandora bangle, a hole needs enlargement, on order.
Kikimora is a legendary creature, a female house spirit in Slavic (especially Eastern) mythology. Her role in the house is usually juxtaposed with that of the domovoy, whereas one of them is considered a "bad" spirit, and the other, a "good" one. When the kikimora inhabits a house, she lives behind the stove or in the basement, and usually produces noises similar to those made by the mice or by scratching in order to obtain food. Kikimory (in plural) were the first traditional explanation for sleep paralysis. She is also known to start stove burners, flip bowls, and place pots on electronics in order to "cook" her own food. Kikimora has been known to start numerous electric machines, also talking to little girls and disguising herself as a little boy.
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