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Swarmandal and Relationships 2 in 1

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  • Materials: берёзовая фанера, фанера, бук, металлическая фурнитура, сталь, бронза, пластик
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Swarmandal and Relationships 2 in 1 Indian tool combines two tools.
Tanpura (relationships) and swarmandal. Tanpura part has 4 strings and swarmandal part has 15 strings.
My version of the tool has:
1. Larger sizes than the Indian version;
2. Buzzing the nut for the strings swarmandal part;
3. Their own version of attachment strings;
4. A movable upper nut temporay part, allows
more rebuild tool.

The sound is ideal for meditation and execution of mantras as well as for experimental music.
Has several configuration options.

The sound will send on demand.

Cover of Swarmandal and Relationships 2 in 1 is available on request 1600 RUB.


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