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Vovka in the Faraway kingdom charm

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  • Materials:  sterling silver
  • Size: 18х12х12 mm, 4 mm hole
Vovka - charm for bracelets (Trollbeads, etc.)

DOES NOT fit Pandora bangle.
"Vovka in the Far Far Away kingdom" - a drawing animated film-fairy tale directed by Boris Stepantsev, released in 1965.
Schoolboy Vovka dreamed of a fairy-tale life. With the help of the tips from the "Do it yourself" directory, the librarian creates a painted boy - Vova's double - and sends him to the Faraway Kingdom existing in the book of fairy tales.

A fairy-tale king painting a fence tells him to cut off Vovka's head for parasitism. In "The Tale of a Fisherman and a Fish", the Goldfish reproaches him for laziness and throws it into the next fairy tale where he gets into the Young Vasilis' magical wisdom exchange summit. Vasilisa send Vovka along the path to where the Two from the casket live. They are ready to fulfill any desire, but they do everything according to their own understanding.

At the end, Vovka himself makes a trough for the Old Woman.
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