The Theodorov icon of the mother of God created in our workshop using original technology.


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  • Materials:  tree, lacquer, patina, canvas, gesso
  • Size: 21*16 cm
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Icon on wood of the Theodore mother of God Created by the master manually using the proprietary technology of our workshop.
As the basis for the icon we took a wooden Board, glued it on linen canvas and applied gesso. Canvas in vintage icons from ancient times served to prevent cracking and deterioration of the wooden base of the icon.
Gesso is applied in several layers with intermediate sanding. Sometimes we leave it on it cracks and chips, which gives the icon a special, old-world charm.
The gesso is applied in a special way the image of the icon. We use a proprietary technology developed in our workshop. Paint manages to keep rich and bright, and the texture of the image is very similar to scenic.
Final finishing of the icon is master hand. Every icon made in our workshop original and unique.
The size of the Theodorov icon of the mother of God 21*16 cm
Under the order possibly production of the icon in a different size and wishes of the customer.
About the icon :
The exact date of the writing of the Theodorov icon of the Mother of God is unknown, but the first records date back to the XII century. Considered an icon of the miraculous, she repeatedly saved from fire, and in 1613, the icon of the nun Martha blessed his son Michael Romanov in the election realm. To worship the miraculous icon in Epiphany Anastasiya women's monastery in Kostroma.
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Icon - it is not just the picture, the human soul must be realy pleased with icon . Otherwise there is no point in doing icons. That is why in our studio there is a rule - any customer that displeased with the product can easily return money back, or if client noticed technical deficiencies our masters to remake their job.
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