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Bracelet "Animal Allure"

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  • Materials:  tiger eye, agate, mother of pearl, rauchtopaz, jasper, metal hardware
  • Size: Diameter of bracelet around 6 cm. But because the bracelet is made on memory wire, it easily stretched to the desired size.
Red Rose
Russia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast , Stupino
The bracelet is made of beads of agate, Jasper, mother of pearl, Topaz and tiger eye assorted colors and sizes. Also, when creating used beads Tesoro.
Holds its shape well, as it is made on the wire with memory.

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How to keep
Handmade products not toys for children. Not the bracelet to take a bath, to bathe in the sea. Be sure to remove for the night. Not to drop! Be stored in the supplied box.
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