Rings handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Spessartine garnet ring 'sweet pea'.Gift, engraving, 925 sterling silver

Spessartine garnet ring "sweet pea"

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  • Materials:  925 sterling silver, spessartine
  • Size: the top is 19 to 26 mm, ring size 18,0
- It is generally spessartine Mandarin garnet...color caused by impurities, but for us now it is not very important..it is usually the tiny sizes are cut and sold for inhumane prices-clean stones of a large size simply does not happen..but alas..here I took a rather large crystal and she made a few cabochons of this quality here...amazing polishing and unusual color. Golden brown color in the shadows and sparkle in the sun...
Well, as always-matte dark silver, engraved by hand-no casting and computer technology..
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