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Wallet leather soft "Altyn"

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  • Materials:  genuine leather, backing cloth
  • Size: 19,5 X 11 cm.
Wallet"pouch" of very soft sheep skin gray-beige. Two exterior pockets - one flat and one wide opening on the one end.

The purse is also wide open from one end. Inside is one long open pocket and 4 pockets for cards.

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ALTYN (from tat. Altin - gold) - vintage Russian coin and currency counter unit 15 V. 1 Altyn equal to 6 or 3 Moscow Novgorod money (Novgorod Denga received later the name penny); retained the title of "fifteen kopecks" for the 15-kopek coins. Released copper in 1654, 1704 - silver Altyn. In 1841-1916 minted copper and silver Altyn.

Big Encyclopaedic dictionary. 2000.
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