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mirror-the sun

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  • Materials:  glass, mirror
  • Size: 900*900 mm
Elegant, refined oval mirror from the collection "Golden Sun" in the Art Deco style cut is a piece of furniture that can give a special warmth and charm, like the bathroom or living room, hallway and bedroom. Bevelled mirror treatment around the perimeter makes the interior a festive look as the sunlight falling on the facet of the frame, creates a unique glow for those who remember rainbow, and Golden smalt gives a luxurious Golden color, complemented

Round mirrors a lot, but is gold, bright mirror – one!

It was created for a bright and joyful atmosphere in the house. The mirror in the form of a Golden sun - an extraordinary design decision, it always looks luxurious. Mirror Golden Sun will always fit into elegant contemporary interiors living room, hallway and a spacious bathroom.
Surround yourself with spectacular decor items, like this round Mirror Golden Sun, and You will not want to leave your home. Unlike other models of the Sun, this mirror is decorative and practical. Large round mirror in a luxurious frame design will decorate wall and will reflect the beauty of life their owners.

Designer round mirror in the shape of the Sun are an important touch in the expensive interior. Mirror Golden Sun will emphasize the refined taste of its owner, and will be the right addition to the drawers, chic dressing table and a console, or just give brightness and elegance to the bathroom interior, living room or bedroom.
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