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felted coat "the bird sirin

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: a month and a half time for the purchase of material
  • Materials:  wool, buttons, lining viscose
  • Size: by your standards
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the bird sirin
cinnabar creek,
but somewhere deep there
under gorbaty binding
secret books books
and not in the folds of ancient rees
the holy men and women,
Lord uberezhennye from the worm, mice and rats—
in protected corners, not the church,
So the Museum,—
and mittens, scarves, coats
cotton dress?,
on short skirts —
in short, somewhere outside the bounds
studied in schools.
world pages,
faces of the books covered in dust,
even the steel went into scrap,
the old spire had to fall,
but surely committed to
the sirin bird, this bird,
incarnate silk, and chintz,
and in paintings, and textiles...
we are talking about the russian style.
leonid martynov
asymmetrical jacket coat-"the box" made in the technique of wet felting. wool italian merino 18 micron, color meadow (meadow). the coat is not zelenogalazoe, made of thick felt cloth. pattern at the hem, collar and sleeves - a traditional ornament of russian folk crafts. decor vvalyan in intermediate stage readiness of the felt, so that nothing will peel off and will not come off - is a unified whole.
inside lining made of viscose (italy).
closes "felt" buttons.

if you want to make the purse as pictured, 1000 to the cost of the coat.
How to keep
dry cleaning to protect against moths.
on request
on request
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