Fragment of bottle with Lilies large. Long drew, this bottle still I live - can't break up, another 2 similar sold..

Bottle Lilies, stained glass painting

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  • Materials:  hand painted bottle, a bottle of wine, batik on glass, collectible bottle, royal lily flower, white lily flowers, original painting of bottles, stained glass lilies, lilies on the bottle, bottle with lilies, bottle glass, stained glass painting, bottle of olga rodionova, stained glass varnish, stained glass paint, stained glass outline
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Новые заказы беру только после нового года.
The magic bottle "Lily" can serve as a decoration of any interior and will always be seen by guests.

The bottle of Lilies can be put on the table during the holiday, filling in her drink, it can store liquids (there is a tight stopper, made specially for her), and she can create a romantic atmosphere if you use it as a lamp or nightlight with plug-flashlight.

painted bottles are made by professional italian paints resistant to fading and washout, further coated with glassy varnish.

the glowing tube can be purchased separately (recharged from the usb port, the charge lasts for 3 hours, in the dark shines bright enough), in the presence of a limited number of such tubes.
How to keep
the bottle with stained glass lilies can be washed by detergent, soft sponge and hands with warm water, do not wash in the dishwasher.
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