Fragment free-blown bottle with stained Wood. the bottle is hand blown by master glass. Very beautiful, the only light.

The bottle is free-blown (free-blowing) Winter, stained glass painting

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  • Materials:  blown glass, bottle glass, bottle tree, the tree on the bottle, winter tree, stained glass varnish, stained glass paint, a tree in winter, winter sun, art glass, bottle guten, glass matting, etching on glass, hand painted glass, a bottle of wine, collectible bottle, blue bottle, frosty morning, bottle of olga rodionova, stained glass painting
  • Size: free-blown bottle is heavy (about 2,5 kg of glass), the volume of 2,5-3 liters. height without tube - 25 cm, with tube 26 cm width - 19 cm, thickness - 7 cm.
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Unique free-blown glass bottle Winter, made by the artist-glassmaker (free blowing, blown oven) and painted with the author's paintings in stained glass technique of "batik on glass" (also author). sometimes art glass called "art".

the exact repetition nor bottle, nor the painting of the impossible, it is a complete work of applied art, existing in a single copy.

Winter sun small, blue, warm bad, but the winter is beautiful - thin, ringing, frosty.. On the tree last leaves in the frost, nature is sleeping... The tree is covered by a layer of snow, and the whole earth too.. Peace and quiet.

the bottle can be washed (except dishwasher), it is made in a single copy at number 215 in 2016.

In the photo the bottle of Winter shown from different angles. Is now in the exhibition, can pick it up if you decide to buy.

painted bottles are made by professional italian paints resistant to fading and washout. Used the technology of glass etching (frosting) on small plots. on top of the paint covered with a vitreous varnish.

the glowing tube can be purchased separately (recharged from the usb port, the charge lasts for 3 hours, in the dark shines bright enough), in the presence of a limited number of such tubes.
How to keep
A bottle tree can be washed by detergent, soft sponge and hands with warm water, do not wash in the dishwasher. Treatment careful.
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