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    Dress "the Legend of Jurate"

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    • Materials:  wool merino, beads, silk, embroidery, amber, fiber, silk fibers, silk is a natural, Silk Excelsior
    • Size: 42
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    A long time ago, at the bottom of the Baltic sea in the amber castle lived a young goddess Jurate – the daughter of the God perkūnas. One day she was swimming in the sea, where she saw a young fisherman Kastytis. They loved each other at first sight. The lovers sank to the seabed, began to live in the amber Palace, enjoying his love. But Perkūnas the Thunderer, seeing them from heaven, and was wroth, because it is the common people love of the gods. Hurled lightning at sea, and she came to the amber Palace. Split the Palace and Kastytis raised a wave on the shore and began to kiss him, until death did not want to kiss. Since then, forever crying for her lover Jurate, and her tears in the form of small pieces of amber, sea, sighing washed ashore. Large chunks of amber — the amber wreckage of the ruined castle of Jurate. And girls, collecting amber, remember the beautiful love goddess and a fisherman – since amber has long been considered a love charm.
    How to keep
    Hand-wash with use of means for washing wool
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