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Textile doll, collection "Raisins"

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  • Materials:  cotton, jersey, lace, hollofayber, granulate metal, acrylic yarn
  • Size: 15 cm without ear
A sweet textile doll-bunny from the collection "Raisins" will add a positive to you and your family.

The baby is sewn from natural cotton jersey, which does not cause allergies. It is densely filled with sintepux, for a pleasant gravity metal granulate is used. Handles and legs are mobile, they are connected by a threaded fastener. The head also rotates - it is on a spindle fastening - a special wire rod.
The peculiarity of these pupae is the absence of obvious facial features. It is thanks to this that you, developing your imagination, can give it the mood that is important for you at this moment.

Growth from the top to the heel 15 cm.
Pleasant and heavy to the touch.
Clothes are not removed.
Hair from acrylic yarn.
The shoes are painted with acrylic paint.

To the doll pleased you for many years, you should consider several rules:
- the pupa is not intended for active children's games. Contains small parts;
- The doll can not be washed, taken with wet hands, combing her hair;
- clean the dust with a soft little brush or a sticky clothes roller;
- store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight;

The doll is made in a single copy and exact repetition is impossible.
How to keep
Dry cleaning, do not wash, protect from direct sunlight.
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