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Mayoko, soaring with the mountain serpent

Mayoko spotted in the dense gloom the outlines of angular stone, similar to the head of stillage. We have to finish. Mayoko grouped. The wind was wild, the wind tore at his hair and tail, trying to tear the fragile figurine from polished almost to a mirror finish the surface of the gray rocks. Invisible in the darkness, the sharp peaks of the Forbidden Ridge cut the wind at the thousands of narrow strips, and the wind was howling in pain and rage, venting all his anger on the only living being in those barren and inhospitable rocks.
Mayoko, crouched, picked the moment when the boiling pressure is a little weak and rushed forward. Tricky wind as if he were waiting for this movement. If from ambush he lashed out violently at Mayoko and almost overturned her, but the tenacious paws still managed to reach the ledge stone and struggled to clutch it.
Angered by the failure of the wind roared around the stone with redoubled force. He pushed, dragged and even tickled, Mayoko in the most unexpected places, but all his attempts were in vain. Mayoko held tight to the stone, vzhavshis in a tiny notch, where even the three-eyed wiki not fit, and quietly waited the onslaught. She knew that her goal was very close.
The stars one by one began to fade, and Miyoko the corner of my eye saw in the East, the dark peaks of the Forbidden Ridge made out of twilight and is already well visible on the background of the brightening sky. Soaring turned. The blue waters of the Bay, the white crests of the waves, barely visible from the height, and the boundless blue skies, where melting of the latter, the most vivid and persistent stars. Elastic constant and powerful stream of wind, filled with the smell of the southern Ocean, an endless series of blows waves to shore. Clamped spur of the Forbidden Ridge, the wind fills the tapered space of the Bay, being accelerated and compressed, and finally at full speed crashed into the steep slope of the Snake Rock.

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How to keep: Attention, the statue is fragile and therefore it is impossible to drop! Wipe dust with a dry brush or mild-with a damp cloth

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Mayoko, soaring with the mountain serpent

Sevillsia art

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

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