Necklaces & Beads handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Necklace 'Chocolatte'.Chocolate, beige and brown, bronze beads

Necklace "Chocolatte"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 2 weeks
  • Materials:  agatha, crazy agate, ammonites, pearl swarovski, bronze beads
  • Size: picture
what could be more delicious chocolate dessert and latte? More aromatic Cup of coffee with whipped cream? And the chocolate brownie with cappuccino? I'm a big coffee lover and fan of chocolate and creamy desserts, and my love creates a delicious decoration))). Necklace with agate the color of dark chocolate, which resembles a Cup of coffee with a fragrant haze, with creamy vanilla mug agate, chocolate Ammonites, bronze pearls Swarovski creates a fragrant mood envelops the sweet pleasure.
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