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Fairy Tale Illustrations handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Dreams on a summer day.Light, flowers, expensive gift

Author's picture "Dreams on a summer day" in canvas / oil technique. Size - 50x70 cm. The picture depicts a romantic woman with a girl, an umbrella and a forest full of light. The picture radiates a soothing energy. When writing the picture, about 10 layers were made - glaze and pasty, using a palette knife, including a "dead layer", due to this the picture reflects and refracts the light.
The canvas is very high quality and lively.
Oil paintings have a tremendous lifespan.
It will fit into almost any interior.
If desired, the picture can be framed in a baguette.
It is possible to create a high-quality reproduction on natural canvas.
Delivery - transport company (free of charge), or - a personal meeting.
Remember that the live picture looks much more spectacular.
From all the collections of my works you can on my page

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Dreams on a summer day


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