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In the blue sky and the clear colors of sunlight quietly began to weave new shades. At first barely noticeable, they seemed to live grew, intensified on the eyes, entwined in an exquisite and complex fabric. The crowd beneath the window was quiet in vohimena silence. Rainbow! Three Rainbow Suns!
Color shades became more and more their game was complicated, they flowed into each other like streams of flickering coloured butterflies became a little paler and then again flashed emerald, purple, bright yellow and rich purple. Dance of the Rainbow it was possible to catch a complex rhythm, penetrating and fascinating the whole space. Gathered in the square without realizing it has already started moving in this magical rhythm, joining intertwining in the air, colorful threads.
Minouche! Minouche! - the square cries quickly merged in the universal rhythmic hum.
Minouche! Minouche! - Owari suddenly found myself chanting name together with the crowd and sheepishly looked back at the Wizard. But Riethe SAI was sitting on his seat with his eyes closed and radiating absolute serenity. " Did not notice" - Owari struggling tried believe a comforting thought and looked again to the square.
The unrestrained dance of color splashes of the Rainbow, Three Suns already covered not only the whole sky, it filled all the space, permeated the air, reflected in thousands of eyes wide open. All eyes were glued to the dais in the center, filled with piles of fragrant of ripe grapes Grappa. It was here, over the hill, the shimmer and sheen of iridescent fibers were brighter, this is where the rainbow seemed thickened into a dense swarm of swirling rainbow butterflies..
Miyuki! - enthusiastic exhale swept over the area.
Owari froze, her gaze stays glued to the rhythmic riot of multicoloured streams. Lots of times she's seen this amazing phenomenon, but every time her heart sank and at the same time exploded somewhere in the center of this delightful dance.
Dancing rainbow Three Suns even more compacted over the porch, and suddenly, in the midst of her became clearly visible graceful silhouette.
Miyuki! - unwittingly whispered Owari
Miyauchi, the Spirit of the Rainbow, Three Suns appeared again on the Occasion of Grappa. The crowd watched, fascinated for the perfect motion, graceful silhouette was frozen in time with the flashes and flickering of the Rainbow, breathed like a living thing with every wave of rainbow dreadlocks.

The sequel can be read on my website...

How to keep: Attention!
The sculpture requires a careful treatment. To drop it is impossible, since it may lose some of its prettiness.
Wipe the dust with a soft, dry brush.
Under the tap is not washing but moderate moisture make it, so you may wipe them with a damp napkin.

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Return and exchange terms

Exchange and return of products is impossible.
When I send mail products, I use hard package, because sculptures are fragile. In the package I also put foam plastic with film as well as foam-rubber. Moreover, I Fix the sculpture carefully . Nevertheless, if a product has been damaged, you may send me a picture. I will tell you how to fix it.

Miyauchi, the spirit of Dancing Rainbows

Sevillsia art

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

82 reviews 100%

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