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Muthoga hunter wolves Cave
It's time! - there was no time to turn around, and there is no need: Muthoga felt the skin, that distance is rapidly decreasing.
Before. - One-eared one giant leap leapt a great chasm. - He's not ready.
Two grey shadows in a rabid race raced between the ancient trunks, gnarled roots over the fence, dived under low-hung bare branches.
One ear, it's time! Too close! - noisy air escaped from the lungs Mutagoma in the rhythm of jumping. Well that Silent speech has nothing to do with breathing, otherwise talking would be impossible.
Before. - One ear suddenly took to the right and dived into the dense thickets of thorny bushes, so that Muthoga barely managed to follow him.
One ear not slowing raced one led him a barely noticeable trail. Through the tangle of branches could not see anything, and my instincts helped Matakohe not to lose partner in this thorny maze.
Behind, very close, he heard the crackling of broken branches, and there is a wild fierce howl pierced the space. Matakohe think even yellow-brown feathers on its naturally stood on end. Howl flew to the sleeping woods expanding circles, soaking wet spring air and ancient trunks, penetrating through the skin somewhere in the middle of the bone. Howl paralyzed muscles and gives the soul an endless horror. Muthoga suppressed an involuntary impulse to turn every hunter in the tribe knew from early childhood that there is no more inevitable and painful death than to look into the blazing eyes of an angry seventh wolf. A desperate effort of will Muthoga forced paws to continue the mad race.
The howling ceased, and again the fierce crackling of broken branches - massive body of a predator, quickly paved a direct path to the desired production.
Is its not gonna hold very long! - Muthoga struggling trying to keep up.
For a long time and we don't need. - The silent one ear it flowed smoothly and steadily, as if he was dozing in the warm hearth in the hut and rushed through the thickets from the pursuing on the heels of a deadly monster.
*How does he manage to be so calm?* - I surprised myself Muthoga, but to think this idea not yet. Thickets of thorny bushes ended abruptly, and now the hunters raced along the edge of the forest. Sharp gusts of spring wind Boundless Swamps patted bright dreadlocks one ear, as if trying to knock hunter's legs or make him turn back into an ancient forest.

Now it's time. - heard Muthoga and almost bumped into one ear abruptly stopped.
The hunters turned and dug her claws into the frozen ground. Cave Wolf was fast approaching, the ground distinctly shook from the heavy blows of his powerful paws. Huge lump of muscle tireless, sharp as a blade teeth and claws, wild fury and arcane battle magic - nobody in the world would not have dared to come to grips with the Cave Wolf.
To be continued on my website in the relevant section of the "Cat race".

How to keep: Attention!
The sculpture requires a careful treatment. To drop it is impossible, since it may lose some of its prettiness.
Wipe the dust with a soft, dry brush.
Under the tap is not washing but moderate moisture make it, so you may wipe them with a damp napkin.

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When I send mail products, I use hard package, because sculptures are fragile. In the package I also put foam plastic with film as well as foam-rubber. Moreover, I Fix the sculpture carefully . Nevertheless, if a product has been damaged, you may send me a picture. I will tell you how to fix it.

Muthoga, hunter Cave wolves

Sevillsia art

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

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