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All right. - Yamcha spun this way and that, trying to consider her reflection in every detail.
Everything should be in perfect order. Iomca corrected solemn vestment, which is not required to correct, and once again meticulously considered reflection. Ancient ornament covered slender legs and flowed down the graceful spins, coming down from the neck to the shoulders and decorated hair. All of the clothing was on its own, certain strict tradition. All in perfect order. All ready for the solemn Celebration of the Maturation of Grappa.
Yamcha went out into the Sunny square. Hundreds of Masters of Grappa in festive vestments already gathered here, eagerly and reverently waiting for the start of the ceremony. In the center is a wide dais seemed to bend under the yoke of a huge mountain selected ripe grapes Grappa, brought here specially for the Festival from all over the Region Green Hills.
For Masters Grappa Celebration of aging - the most important day of the Cycle. In this day of ripe grapes Grappa everywhere filled with the aroma of every home, Shine on the streets in special dishes, and even weave in hair Masters. Yamcha approached the dais, and a few Masters immediately adorned her graceful head huge ripe bunch. Yamcha breathed in the sweet scent of her and in a moment impregnated and picked up the universal joyful anticipation.
Since time immemorial, the Wizard of Grappa are grown on the vine numerous Sunny slopes of the Green Hills. The old men say that he Icke-say planted the first vines, they brought from the unknown distant world, and he made a Feast of the Ripening of Grappa when juicy first brush has matured into a young sprout of Grappa. And now for the Holidays guests gather from near and distant villages. Traversing the shifting dunes, coming from the depths of the great Desert gatherers of berries Ausi like blue streams flowing along the paths of Endowing the water from the banks of the sacred lake Icke of the distant Whispering of the Forest are the messengers, and sometimes at the Festival you can meet even the inhabitants of the Icy Deserts.
All guests of the Master Grappa treated to fresh sweet berries and fill the jar all the young drink made from the new crop and bright blue, red, purple paint, made according to special recipes of fruit skins, too, can take anyone. A rich land of rolling Green Hills, vast plantations of Grappa on their warm slopes, a myriad of honey and tart brush grows on flexible vines - enough for all guests arriving at the glorious Feast of the Ripening of Grappa!
Bommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, deep and booming gongs rang out on the square and rolled through the streets farther and farther away, to the Green slopes.
Yamcha even flinch in surprise, although waiting for this solemn sound in the morning. The festival starts!

How to keep: Attention!
The sculpture requires a careful treatment. To drop it is impossible, since it may lose some of its prettiness.
Wipe the dust with a soft, dry brush.
Under the tap is not washing but moderate moisture make it, so you may wipe them with a damp napkin.

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Iomca, the Wizard of Grappa from the edge of the Green Hills

Sevillsia art

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

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