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Blue to blue, red to red, yellow to yellow...
Akebono neatly collected flowers and admiring. It's beautiful! Flowers admired her since the day she first saw the light of the outside World. Delicate petals, elegant perfect shape and most importantly color! A variety of bright shades, sometimes passing smoothly into each other, sometimes contrasting, as in this bright yellow flower with red heart, but always combined with the amazing, ineffable harmony.
Akebono gathered all the flowers in bright, colorful bouquet. And why is the mother and girlfriend do not like flowers? She could not seem to understand. Then, on that memorable first day, when Akebono returned home crazed with joy and with a huge armful of flowers, the mother went pale so that her pale skin was almost transparent. Akebono shivered, and her skin ran a wave of nimble needles. The beating, which she then arranged the mother, she is also unlikely to ever forget.
Indeed, in the Central cave, the whole village gathered around Yakimanka. The elders looked silently and accusingly, the kids whispered, with undisguised horror, looking at her, and in her mother's eyes was such sorrow, as if Akebono and is killed by a sudden collapse. And all this continued until the Wise read to her an endless lecture about the traditions of the tribe, about the Ancient Prohibition, respect for elders, chosen in ancient times the way of life, and so on and so on and so forth.
Akebono wearily covered his bright blue eyes. If she didn't know from early childhood that her people live underground, in darkness. blessed, spared from the damaging rays of the three suns fussy, and so the surface is not simply forbidden, and shameful for everyone who honors and respects the traditions of their ancestors.
Akebono sighed. Of course she loved her village, respected mother, took the choice of their ancestors and recognize the wisdom of the Wisest. She liked eternal darkness of underground caves and passages, the dim pearly glow Tears Old. their perfect spherical shape and smooth surface. Akebono took out a bundle of half a dozen mother of pearl beads she had found today on the way up. The ability to find Tears Ancient in the depths of the earth belong to all the inhabitants of the underground village. But up here, in the blazing splendor of the double sunset, the glow of mother of pearl beads were quite noticeable, and with it they lost all their charm.
Akebono thoughtfully rolled the Tears of the Ancient foot. Just light the stones, will pass by and not notice. Whether it is her beautiful bouquet! Akebono sighed again. What a pity that bouquet, and a wreath of flowers and leaves will have to leave here on the surface. After all, under the earth the flowers will lose the brightness of colors, they can be seen-that almost never happens. And most importantly, if the mother or someone else will see it flowers, it will again be a huge scandal.

How to keep: Attention!
The sculpture requires a careful treatment. To drop it is impossible, since it may lose some of its prettiness.
Wipe the dust with a soft, dry brush.
Under the tap is not washing but moderate moisture make it, so you may wipe them with a damp napkin.

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Return and exchange terms

Exchange and return of products is impossible.
When I send mail products, I use hard package, because sculptures are fragile. In the package I also put foam plastic with film as well as foam-rubber. Moreover, I Fix the sculpture carefully . Nevertheless, if a product has been damaged, you may send me a picture. I will tell you how to fix it.

Akibono of the people the Keepers of the Dungeon

Sevillsia art

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

82 reviews 100%

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