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Alighned, the spirit of dreams about Break the limit.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow a very important day in the life of the entire village, and most important - in the life of MIA, sue, and beloved Senkatuka. Tomorrow the Wisest officially announced their spouses. Tomorrow will close the Circle of Time, tomorrow all the villagers and guests will celebrate together the beginning of a new cycle of life is endlessly new and endlessly repeating the spirits of the assigned path.
The edge of the mighty Mathangi already touched the horizon, the shadows of the huts stretched out and became deep, like a dark cave Creek lakes. Here and there the lights, the villagers and guests finish the last preparations for the celebration. But MII-sue and Shenkottah watching all this pre-holiday bustle from afar. Connecting shower hut on the edge of the village, and the pre noise does not reach here. The next two nights will be very important, and the next - the night before the wedding - even more important than the first night after it.
Fading the disk of a mighty Mathangi bright flashes reflected in the clear eyes Senkatuka. Nothing disturbs the deep silence of evening, and a decoction lsips has become transparent. Soon, very soon the world Lakatunga open to them. Soon, very soon...
From the Wisest they knew full well what would happen. Since ancient times the routine has not changed for hundreds of generations. But only superficially, MIA-sue seemed perfectly calm: fine quiver tip of its tail gave the strongest hidden excitement. Perhaps without the help of magical broth and she would not have been able to fall asleep until the morning. But the broth made all the rules, and therefore, it's worth it to sleep as...
Darkness. At first only darkness everywhere, so thick and dense that it seems you can cut into thin even slices. Then a barely noticeable flickering all around, which veiled the secret paths of the world Lakatunga. And then a barely audible ringing. Closer and closer, louder and more melodic. Yes, to issue such a pure magical sound can only the Golden fruit of the Tree of Ancestors.
Crystal ring, gradually increasing, will fill in all around, fills the space itself is a mysterious world Lakatunga itself, MIA-sue. And then it appears - Alighned, the spirit of dreams about Break the limit. MII-sue knew from the Wise, how does Alighned, but she couldn't wait to see to see her incredible pink-blue eyes and a staff, decorated with fruit of the Tree of Ancestors. And of course she knew that Alighned will not come alone.
A long procession of the spirits will speak out of the darkness behind her. Ancestors of MII-sue from different eras recent and bygone, focusing on the ringing of Golden fruit on a magic stick, come to her to give her blessing.

How to keep: Attention! Figurine is fragile and heavy, and requires very careful handling, drop flatly impossible, since the fall of the statue can lose some of its prettiness. Wipe dust with a dry brush (preferably soft), not under the tap to wash, but moderate moisture to survive, so it is allowed to wipe the dust with a slightly damp cloth.
In order to move from one place to another - should be taken carefully with one hand over her belly, the second under the tail. It's the smooth and safe transfer place

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When I send mail products, I use hard package, because sculptures are fragile. In the package I also put foam plastic with film as well as foam-rubber. Moreover, I Fix the sculpture carefully . Nevertheless, if a product has been damaged, you may send me a picture. I will tell you how to fix it.

Alighned spirit of dreams about Break the limit

Sevillsia art

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

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