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The Floriana. Geometric stained glass Floriana. MANGO

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 3 days
  • Materials:  pots, vase, plants, decorative elements, stained glass, Vase glass, stained glass tiffany, planters handmade, clear glass, vessel, planter for flowers, capacity, red ball, cuboctahedra
  • Size: 20*20 cm, custom sizes can be any
Geometric interior florarium ( vase, container, aquarium) to create a mini-garden with plants.

Terrarium for flowers and create a mini-garden.

The Floriana geometric shapes, made of transparent glass in stained glass Tiffany technique.
In a glass vase is missing one side, which makes plant care easy and convenient.

Plants planted in Floriana, require minimal maintenance, they will not wither if left without your supervision for a couple of weeks.
Care of mini-garden is rare, 2-3 times a month watering. Floristic composition will remain intact for many months.
In the terrarium this shape will look good as small plants - succulents and cacti as well as orchids and ivy.
You can drop one medium-sized plant, or to create a composition of several small, adding Floriana decorative elements.
Create your own special mini-garden!
The florariumov and capacity to create geometric shapes in a minimalist style fit perfectly into a Scandinavian interior.

The Floriana, or terrarium for plants is a popular form of interior decoration with live plants.
Any, even the most intricate forms of the vases, ease of use, ease of care, variety of plants - all this makes the terrariums more and more popular.
They can be placed in almost any part of premises - apartment, house or office. Can be placed on tables, window sills, shelves or be hung.

The Floriana with flowers is a beautiful and unusual gift!
The Floriana is sold without plants, only the vessel - glass vase, but if you are in St. Petersburg, I with great pleasure will create for you a live song.

The size of this Floriana 20*20cm, the seams (patina) black - which emphasizes the geometry of the face and the vase. We can create any shape and size according to your desire.


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Pack parcels very securely! Everything will come in one piece.
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