Handmade designer brooch-bouquet with vintage crystal, Swarovski and natural pearls, amethyst. Violet brooch. Costume jewelry Beautiful gift for her for any occasion.

Brooch "Lavender and rose"

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  • Materials:  vintage crystals, swarovski pearl, natural pearls, mother of pearl, jewelry wire, glass beads, silver-tone fittings, japanese seed beads
  • Size: 7 x 5,5 cm.
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Brooch-bouquet with sophisticated and elegant color combination - violet, lilac, lavender, cold-pink colors with small accents of raspberry.

The brooch "zest" is a vintage crystall (1950-s, Germany) of original lavender color. It changes it color depending on light from pale to intensive.
Here I used also amethyst, natural and Swarovski pearls, vintage and modern glass leaves, mother-of-pearl flowers, Japanese seed beads.

Refined and feminine brooch-bouquet.

You can see the size on the photo with hand.
The back side is smooth, nothing stitchy.
Made without glue and threads.

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How to keep
To avoid jewelry scratching, store them in a soft bag or in a box.
Rub them with a soft fabric to make them shine as new.
Take jewelry off before washing hands, taking shower, using fragrances, hair spray, lotion - to avoid damage of metall parts, loosing shine and seed beads color.
Put on jewelry after you are dressed, and take it off before taking off clothes.
To avoid breakage, do not drop jewelry, and avoid beating it against hard surface.
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