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Stained glass lamp. Phoenix

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 2 weeks
  • Materials:  stained glass, tin, glass, colored stained glass, colored glass, decorative glass, lamp
  • Size: total height 36cm
Bright, juicy, magic lamp from the tales. Like a thousand little coloured lights lit it, illuminating, transforming and taking in the extraordinary fairy-tale world!

Author's stained-glass lamp (sconce, lamp.)
The lampshade is made of glass in the Tiffany technique and consists of 132 elements.

Amazing and unique play of colors!

The colors used in this lamp:
- bright red
- off-white
- fuchsia
- rich pink
- transparent blue

Form the figure of a lamp - peacock feather

Delivery in St. Petersburg, Russia and worldwide.
Thorough, reliable packaging, nothing broken!
How to keep
The glass will not fade and will not burn out. Stained glass is an eternal thing! However, like any glass, they should be protected from blows.
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