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Porcelain ball jointed doll "Asp"

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  • Materials:  porcelain, silk, genuine leather, mohair
  • Size: 34cm, 13,5 inches
SweetTouchDoll (SweetTouchDoll)
Russia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast , Podolsk
Doll Size is 34cm (13.5 inches), it is made of porcelain and painted with china paints that will never be erased or fade. Doll is assembled on the elastic cord, lined with natural leather and has 21 articulated joints. Wig mohair is fixed on the magnet. Also in the work I used lace, silk ribbons and delicate silk for dresses and shoes.
Asp's sword is a smaller copy of the Japanese katana blade. As a real sword, the blade has a dismountable parts.
The blade and tsuba (guard) are made of steel. Habaki, kashira, seppa and fuchi - brass. The handle is fixed with wooden wedge. Ito and koiguchi - synthetic cord. Balsa sheath painted with acrylics and varnished.
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