Patch ONLY UNDERSTAND ABUSIVE TEAM (black / cartoons) Machine embroidery. Beloretskiy stripe. Patch. Chevron. Patch. Embroidery. Chevrons. Patches. Stripe. Buy patch

patch ONLY UNDERSTAND ABUSIVE TEAM (black / cartoons)

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: PRODUCTION TIME: on average, 7-10 days. In cases of extreme employment it is possible for a couple of days longer. If it happens before (maybe 2-3 days) -we get faster of course.
  • Materials:  felt, embroidery thread
  • Size: 8.5 cm
Beloretskie Patches
Russia, Bashkortostan (Bashkiria), Beloretsk
We can buy ready-made badges and order in their designs.
Size: 8.5 cm
Cost: 230 p.
Gumshoe: + 60 p

To purchase a patch, you can on this site, just click on the button "add To cart" and complete your purchase. We will contact you to clarify all questions regarding payment.

Stripes and chevrons are the signs of the differences, which are not only used by the military as a compulsory element of the meaning of a soldier belonging to certain species and genera of troops. Mandatory are the chevrons of police, emergency and many other law enforcement agencies. Stripes indicate affiliation to a certain group, organization, club, bike clubs, informal associations. Or just patriotically-minded citizens!

Stripes and chevrons in our time – not only practical but also fashionable. There is an attribute, accessory, logo, emblem, corporate identity. They can decorate clothing, cap, bag, backpack, make a cover, keychain, case for the thermos and camping mugs. Stripe could become a holiday gift or just a keepsake.

Will make stripes, chevrons, logos (and not only)) on your sketches and ideas. Email us!

Stripe do sew (by hand or machine) or a Velcro tape (Velcro) that can be removed in one motion.
How to keep
Gentle washing. Pressing through cheesecloth.
on request
Other countries
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Return and exchange terms
About all you can negotiate.
But no one has yet claimed, and did not offer a return :)
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