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Snood, a relative of bonnet, also known as a scarf or a pipe, is particularly relevant for those who do not like wearing hats and wants to keep hair. Snood associated patent elastic and falls from the head. In the lower part of the cowl has cuts, so this cowl can be worn with plunging necklines and neckline, is very warm and comfortable! Surprisingly, this Snood is all, apparently, so he became so popular! Snood the perfect gift for the New year! The color of the cowl may be different, according to your desire. Snood can be done shorter, then it can be worn over your outer clothing! These scarves, snudy look beautiful in a chunky yarn! Currently available is a lilac-purple Snood tube. A different color scarf-cowl to order just 2 days!
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Knitted Snood, scarf, plain pipe!


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