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Tribal embroidered towel for wedding

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 7 days
  • Materials:  cross stitch, len, cotton threads
  • Size: towel width - 35 cm, length of towel - 140 cm
Russia, Krasnodar region, Starominskaya
Tribal embroidered ceremonial towel.

The towel is divided into two halves: the matron of honor and the bridegroom's. The amount of embroidery on different halves must be the same, but the patterns are different.

A mandatory attribute of the generic towel - a family tree of the bride and groom, which consists of several elements, subject to strict rules. The tree kind of course in each case is made individually.

Birds definitely portrayed a couple, sitting symmetrically across from each other,

Ornament-good wishes for half of the bride - Roses, symbolizing beauty, mercy, and love.Ornament for half of the bridegroom - the grapes symbolize wealth, abundance.

Wedding towel — a mandatory attribute of the wedding. One of the main values wedding rushnik — the life path together must pass the bride and groom — husband and wife.
Appeal to the traditional Russian wedding ritual will help You to have an outstanding celebration. Such a wedding will definitely be remembered for a long time!

There is an old good tradition to keep the wedding towel in the family in memory, passing it from generation to generation.
The anniversary and the anniversaries of the wedding You can decorate with towels your home and to revive memories of the wedding.
Now You have a unique opportunity to enjoy a wonderful exclusive gift - the first family heirloom of a new family - performed in Russian traditions and only natural fabrics.
How to keep
Hand wash with water temperature not above 40 degrees.
on request
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