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Wax candle handmade

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  • Materials:  beads, wax
  • Size: Height 100 mm, diameter 25 mm
Wax candle decorated with flowers beaded.
When burning, the wax candles stand out feticide that inhibit bacteria and viruses in the air, cleansing it. Ionic components of essential oils wax increase the sensitivity, openness to the energy of the Space, restores the aura, helps to gain a taste for goodness and justice, addresses the complex and ill-will.

The candle burned and the wax was crying...
Take fire, love who are a little
Who do not have enough heat from the eye -
Burn my soul, I'm burning for you.
Burn the fire take.
Create, love, love, hurry...
The candle burned and the wax was crying.
A house without candles, coziness in it a little...
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