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hair orange with cinnamon. shampoo to strengthen and hair growth. shampoo from scratch
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hair orange with cinnamon. shampoo to strengthen and hair growth. shampoo from scratch.

when i was in college, my lecturer on costume history often told about how a woman should look like, what its color, what's not and other things.
- but.... he added - if the woman untidy head, and worn shoes, she even put on a golden dress, will still look unkempt.
it was, is and will be true at all times.

today, to look young, we often unnecessarily experimenting on themselves. we want to change not only clothes and makeup, and hairstyles, and hair color. hence, frequent dyeing, perming, curling irons, hair dryers and so on. our hair react to it differently. someone everyone from time to time is okay, and who is hair shouts: " help, i'm falling from fatigue and stress" - and we enter the season of "vodospad". like autumn leaves falling from the trees, and our hair is our beautiful head. and here we begin to look for a solution how to handle it.

shampoo orange and cinnamon is designed for tired and weakened hair. he cooked on a broth of green tea and essential oil of orange and cinnamon.
feature of green tea is that it does not pass the fermentation process as black tea, and retains the nutrients, vitamins, trace elements: catechins, tannin — powerful antioxidants that are aimed at strengthening of the hair. vitamins a, b, c, e, f – strengthen hair, stimulate blood circulation to the head. amino acids, including theanine – help to get the shine.
orange essential oil. the smell poetically called the smell of the sun. it is believed that it brings inspiration, helps a person to be more receptive to everything positive. leaves a lovely scent on the hair, eliminates dryness, restores dry hair and strengthens the roots.
essential oil of cinnamon. give curls shine, shine, smoothness, and most importantly — will accelerate their growth as possible. effectiveness of cinnamon oil due to its rich vitamin composition, which nourishes the hair from within, transforming them in appearance.

complementary shampoo: the walnut oil. used for hair restoration. makes hair shiny, smooth and silky, protects it from damage.
the vitamin b12. is the basic foundation and building blocks for the hair, improves its reproduction; prevents hair loss, strengthening the roots. possessing restorative properties, perfectly regenerates damaged hair — breakage, polecenia. positive effect on blood circulation, in result of normalizing the power of the roots.
betaine. has a conditioning effect, strengthens keratin scales of hair, gives the hair smoothness and elasticity.
keratin is the main element of the hair, its natural component. one of the types of protein, which is responsible for the hair structure. restores hair structure.
d-panthenol. cyclomethicone. liposinol.

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hair orange with cinnamon. shampoo from scratch to strengthen and


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