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Scarves handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy 21 downy scarf tippet 'Charm' accessories scarves and scarves.Scarf, shawl
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White, airy, delicate scarf knitted from goat down with the addition of bases rayon. Hand spinning and knitting. Down the thread of medium thickness creates a unique openwork pattern. Warms you in cold weather and perfectly complement your outfit. weight about 80 g. .

How to keep: Wash in warm water with shampoo, dry flat.

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on request
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I really hope that you'll like my items but if not or my goods do not fit you, so you can return it. Within 3 days send me an e-mail with a well-founded claim. I'll refound you after recieving the work back. Shipping is at your expense.

21 downy scarf tippet "Charm" accessories scarves and scarves

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