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flowers! flowers! and lots of color!

increase photo looks better!
the mechanism is quiet, smooth!
fasteners provided for

all my works are VERY carefully packaged in bubble wrap and foam, fly to the far corners of the WORLD,

for delivery you can not worry, I have many years of EXPERIENCE! this is evident in the feedback......

watch you get dismantled, the mechanism is separately

under the scheme you will be able to collect a watch www.livemaster.ru/drafts/6801i254693.jpg

that photo looks like the green part could be the cap of the pen it's easy to drown arrow on the axis

first hour on the big
then the minute-on an axis above and of smaller diameter,
the second is simply inserted and closes the opening www.livemaster.ru/topic/557229-instruktsiya?vr=1&inside=1

here detailed INSTRUCTIONS
If You like my work, then
I circle.
be aware of new products in my store and will be able to buy or have an interesting job!

I do not send cod
please, make a reservation, read the rules my store

How to keep: not to drop! love! to take care of!!!!!! wipe from a dust.

on request
Other countries
Bank transfer
Money transfer system

watch glass, fusing a Midsummer night's Dream


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