The work took 1st place in the competition "the Luxury art-Nouveau" on the forum "Osinka" (%#%) in the sub-forum "Felting" in the autumn of of 2009

Coat "silent film Star"

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  • Materials:  wool, silk, embroidery, merino wool, beads
  • Size: Size - 46-48.
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"In a magical world where feelings are so deep,
I entered for fun - half day.
And in a strange way felt the currents,
Connecting with me.
What in our lives sounds
When poems are born soul?!
No words, only eyes, lips, hands -
A naive story about love large.
As a lean sense in the age of our stale!
Only cinematography is my idol!
Rages outside the Windows of our bright colorful world,
Which, in General, in fact - black and white!"
I. Andrianova

Coats are made in the technique of "Nuno-felting" (felting onto fabric).
As used linen. Condensed during the felting, it made the coat even more dense and virtually windproof. Delicate and elegant coat decorated with embroidery of silk and beads, will not only decorate you, but also reliably protects from wind and spring chill.
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