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    Knit dress from the collection of "Adventum"

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    • Materials:  yarn, fluff, pearls swarovski (swarovski), stones swarovski (swarovski), Swarovski crystals (swarovski), ostrich feathers
    • Size: XS
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    Creativity Olga Lace is a kaleidoscope of glowing eyes that focused silence unites one question:
    "How do you do it?"
    - ... Carpe Diem - the soft whisper of fall with sensual lips. But her eyes remained immovable. This was the response.
    The tips of the fingers slowly withdrawn hook, and on the surface of the rose is filled with a drop of dew.
    But your eyes are tired... They are already soaked clothes.
    Fascinates you otherwise. You charms a moment.
    The master did not sew clothes. The master weaves the sounds.
    You stopped to see. My heart feels. Hears.
    Hears and wants louder.
    Heartbeat. Life...
    Here it is – Carpe Diem.
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