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Body Lotion handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy "Chocolate" Body Cream.Body cream, nourishing cream, cocoa beans

Rich, nourishing body cream perfect for cold season and yes, it has grated cocoa beans in it and that is why it smells like chocolate (no artificial fragrances!)

A perfect combination of cocoa and shea butter, avocado and wheat germ oils that nourish skin and improve its elasticity. Collagen and proteins also moisturize, prevent water loss, smooth and tone the skin. Anioxidant complex keeps the skin young and healthy, supports blood vessels and circulation.

This cream has a simple formula, but the effect is quite dramatic :)

If just chocolate is not enough, essential oils can be added. My favourites are vanilla or coffee, but ginger, cinnamon or cardamom also go well with chocolate flavour.

How to keep: apply moderate amount onto clean skin, lightly massage. Please note that cocoa beans can stain clothes, so allow some time for absorbtion or pat excess cream before getting dressed.

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"Chocolate" Body Cream


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