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Doll OOAK Dreamer Martinek

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  • Materials:  paperclay, textile, yarn, oil paint
  • Size: 12sm by sitting
As a child, I corresponded with a Bulgarian girl. In March, it came from her the postcards with martinechkami - red and white tassels and pompons. So they decided to celebrate the coming of spring)
Pupa is small (sitting 12 cm), designed for admiring and communication. Attractive face dreamy and lifted her up)
Purchase can be in St. Petersburg, or I can send mail or a "Pony express". They reaches normally - checked)
Paperclay, textiles, yarn, handles, legs moving on eyelets, oil painting.
Hands and legs are moving on eyelets.
Her fanny is weighty, and the doll could sit on the edge and on the surface of shelf or table, or on the doll's chair.
Dolly is packaged in a special personalized box.
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only dry clean
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