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Necklace Is Timeless

  • Item sample 
  • Production time: 3-4 days
  • Materials:  brass, jewelry wire, agate, zircon, carnelian, chalcedony
  • Size: 45-65, regulated.
Spectacular and mysterious jewelry - a necklace made of brass and different materials - agate, carnelian, zircon, chalcedony, crystal beads.

Gamma decoration cheerful - the combination of blue and orange, in my opinion, one of the most arousing energy, imbuing a sense of vitality.

The Central element of the necklace - brass item, totally hand made - intricate outline refers to the ornaments of the era of art Nouveau ("art Nouveau" and "Belle epoch"), and on the surface fenteziynye drawing in the technique of etching. Top detail polished, lacquered, which protects the decoration from further interaction with the environment darkening, tarnishing.

The combination of these two techniques - wire wrap and etching helped to create a very unusual and unique product - very light , delicate, bold and fabulous.
The story it tells - about ancient civilizations and modernity - the legacy of the past woven into the fabric of the present, and enriches the reality in its beauty and antiquity. Such associations sounds the ornament on brass items it looks ancient, but technologically advanced, very tangible, but at the same time - uskolzauschuu air...

Necklace can adjust the length and wear as the neckline and over the clothes.
the kit can be made bracelet, earrings, ring, headband / tiara.
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