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Holiday blanket 240х240см

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: By appointment
  • Materials:  fabric, 100% cotton, sintepon, satin, calico, natural fabric
  • Size: 240x240 cm Price and shipping - see left shop Rules
Russian holiday patchwork blanket from high quality fabrics only domestic producers (JSC "shuiskys chintz" and JSC "teykovsky HBK") stitched into a traditional patchwork structure. Insulation - sintepon. Quilted on the structural seams on the machine. All fabrics have been pre-soaked (dekotirovalis), so can be washed without fear of shrinkage.
Beautiful, large, cozy, soft. A wonderful gift to yourself and loved ones!
How to keep
Chem. cleaning, hand wash no spin or delicate machine wash without tsentrifugirovanija. Most importantly - drying! The service in the "synthetic fabrics"
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