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brooch " Holding Out for a Hero "

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  • Materials:  beads japanese, pearls swarovski (swarovski), Czech glass beads, labrador natural, genuine leather
  • Size: 5.5 cm X 4.5 cm
I need a hero!
It to the dawn I am waiting patiently.
It will sure
All soon to happen,
I was going to be bigger than life....
Larger than life..

Brooch made in the technique of embroidery , it is absolutely the author's version combines the unique energy of beads and natural stones.We used only the best, highest quality materials: ELITE JAPANESE beads,NATURAL stones and unique ideas.
How to keep
Beaded jewelry should be stored in a separate box to protect from dust and moisture in the unfolded form.
Do not store near heaters, radiators.
Do not store in the sun.
Do not expose extreme temperatures.

When cleaning jewelry using a soft cloth or brush, gently swipe the dust, in no case do not try to RUB the product.
Do not use detergents, cleaning agents.
Do not spill water.

Beaded jewelry should be worn last, already after applying your makeup, hair styling.

Avoid impacts decoration on solid objects.

Keep the jewelry from young children and animals.

The observance of these rules will allow you to wear jewelry in a long time
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