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Body cream White Chocolate

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 2-3 days
  • Materials:  cocoa butter, sesame oil, the oils of sweet almonds, coconut jelly, soybean phospholipid, Magnolia live
  • Size: 100 gr. in a glass jar - total weight 200gr (information packages).
    It is possible to manufacture in a plastic or metal tube - when ordering, specify.
Sending every Monday.
Only for lovers of sweetly-languid chocolate with natural vanilla. And of course, without flavorings and fragrances.

When we get used to natural, the smell is impossible to deceive - the slightest presence of synthetic molecules shouts about itself. Try it, experiment! Some people without training immediately feel the switch. Synthetic scents, even expensive and high quality is perceived as "flat" and Intrusive.
Peanut butter is a great fat oil for dry sagging skin, cellulite and stretch marks, and in tandem with Tahitian vanilla and a good antidepressant.

Enveloping warm comfort can feel sweet not just in taste.

Unrefined cocoa butter from Ghana, coconut, sesame, almond extract, coconut milk, soy phospholipid, Tahitian vanilla.

Storage: at +20+25 - 3 months.
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on request
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