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Appendix 2: Scope of exercised authorities of Users

How to purchase?

If you wish to purchase an Item, which you like – please create an account on Livemaster, which will take only a couple of minutes!

Every Seller independently sells their own Items. You can acquire any Item, offered in shops of the Sellers or order a unique work of art for yourself. Buyers and Sellers agree with each other on conditions and methods of payment, dates and methods of delivery of each order, based on the Terms & Conditions of Seller's Shop and/or case by case basis.

How to sell?

If you wish to sell your Items, please create an account on Livemaster and open your own shop! To do this, click the 'Open a shop' button on the left on 'My Livemaster' page.

1. Each User, registered as a Seller, is offered a Beginner Plan automatically and free of charge (hereinafter referred to as the 'Plan'). This Plan allows you to place in your own shop three Items, and use services with certain limitations, in order to become familiarized with the possibilities offered by Livemaster. The Beginner Plan is issued free of charge, but its duration may be limited in time; in addition, its duration and number of Items, allowed for placement, can be altered by the Administration at any moment on a unilateral basis, without any special notification of the User. This Plan does not imply active sales.

2. Other Plans allow the placement of a larger number of Items, as well as use expanded options and convenient services of Livemaster. The User can pay for any Plan, receiving the possibility of using the advantages it offers. 

Types of Plans >>

3. The validity period of a Plan (except for the Beginner Plan) automatically starts from the moment of receipt of payment on the account of Livemaster. If a User had paid for several Plans at once, they are not summed up, but are activated one at a time. Money is non-refundable in case of payment for a Plan, in any manner, after receipt of funds on the account of Livemaster.

4. If a User does not pay for a subsequent Plan, their Items (except for the first three Items in the shop) upon the expiration of the Plan, automatically become inaccessible for viewing, search and purchase by other Users, become inaccessible for editing and deletion by the User, and are deleted from the Catalogue of Livemaster. In addition, the Items are temporarily saved in databases and are not deleted irretrievably during one month. During this period, the User can pay for a new Plan, and after receipt of funds on the account of Livemaster, all Items of the User will be automatically included in the Catalogue once again, and they will become accessible for editing and deletion by the User and for viewing and purchase by other Users.

Terms & Conditions of payment for Plans >>

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