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Appendix 3: Specifics of issuance, payment and use of Plans

1. Payment for Plans at Livemaster is carried out in different ways, including bank cards, payment from mobile phone accounts and through self-service terminals. The list of payment methods, available to the User, may depend on their geographic location.

Important! Payment is accepted only from individuals, not acting as sole proprietors. Plans, paid for on behalf of a corporate entity or a sole proprietor, are not activated.

2. Acceptance of payments for Plans is conducted through the RBK Money Company in several ways. Time frames for receipt of payments, conducted through the use of RBK Money, by way of payment of an outstanding invoice in a bank can take up to 3 business days, and through Russian Post –  up to 6 business days.

Important! In the process of making payment for Plans using the networks of self-service terminals, these terminals may charge an additional commissions (from 1.5% to 5%), which are not accounted for by the RBK Money system when calculating the total sum of the outstanding invoice. Before making payment through a terminal, please, familiarize yourself with the terms of payment through RBK Money by means of self-service terminals.

If your payment, conducted through the RBK Money Company, was not accepted in time, and the Plan was not activated, please send a copy of the payment receipt to the email address and contact Support Services of RBK Money about this issue: contacts of Support Services of RBK Money >>

You can always monitor the status of your payment. When invoicing, notification is sent to your email box, which contains unique reference link to your payment in the RBK Money system. By following this link, you will see information about the status of this invoice, and will be able to obtain reference details for payment (or supplemental payment) in the way that you choose.

Pay attention! It is forbidden to make a payment twice using the same account number. Every invoice issued by RBK Money, may be paid for only once.

3. Upon payment for a Plan in any manner after the receipt of funds to the account of Livemaster, the sum shall not be returned under no conditions.

4. If you have additional questions concerning a payment for Plans; if you paid for a Plan, but it was not activated, please contact Support Team of Livemaster.

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