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Dear lovers of unique home furnishings and antique things! I couldn't help but share a stunning video about the transformation of an old icon. Restoration artist - Julian Baumgartner from Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago. In the video, he is restoring the Ave Maria icon. This work ...
I will tell you about the process of church emroidery restoration for the Church gonfanon. The gonfanon was traditionally decorated with a central motif in the form of an oil painting on canvas sewn to the banner. Oil painting, though it is a piece of art itself, is not suitable for panels as it is ...
The first time I decided to share my experience of old furniture restoration. I have accidentally got four items of old furniture in poor condition: a desk, dresser, wall clock and trunk of two grannies, sisters, who came from Shanghai to our city and lived here the rest of their lives. My husband ...

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