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Vintage jewelry

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René Jules Lalique started his professional career as an apprentice of a Parisian jeweller. He had been drawing since childhood and was not going to stop this activity. Soon he brought several sketches of jewellery to the artist who taught him. They were strange, very strange as no one ...
We came across Ermani Bulatti jewellery for the first time about a year ago when we opened our first vintage Curiosa shop. Brooches immediately drew attention to their unusual and attractive design. Look at these magical ornaments! We started looking for information about this company, but it ...
This publication presents a selection of photographs of pieces of jewelry in the Art Nouveau style of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, with enamels and pearls. The more you see beauty, the more your taste and perception of harmony are honed. That's why we go to museums, theatres, ...
New Year is a wonderful occasion when even adults act like children, believe in miracles and get excited about shiny things, sparkling lights and bright wrapping paper. You can, as usual, decorate a Christmas tree with traditional glass and plastic balls, but it is much nicer and more fun to make ...
The question is rhetorical. Everyone decides for himself whether to look peculiar or disappear in the crowd. Everyone chooses his style of clothes, behaviour, communication and attitude towards life. The style is a marker that helps people to read our essence, to have at least a rough idea of what ...
I collect vintage jewelry. I have many of them and already measure their quantity in kilograms. I dearly love some of them and often wear, others are worn occasionally with certain looks. But there are such accessories that don't suit me, were bought on a flea market because I just could not ...
The beauty of Ava Gardner in itself was already a rare treasure. And many fashion designers were dreaming about such a model. The best of them were involved in creating her images for movies. Meanwhile, according to many, she preferred quite modest outfits in her everyday life. So lets enjoy the ...
The world of vintage jewelry is very rich. It's like a whole planet with a lot of people of different ages (mostly elderly and very elderly) and nationalities. A special place is occupied by Austrian fruit and berries brooches and clip earrings produced in the '40s and '50s. In almost ...
Today we are assembling beads! They can be done with a minimum number of tools. I will show you how to make brass disks of plates with etched pattern. Instead of nuts you can use and details of glass, wood, leather and stones. Materials: 1. Etched brass plate. 2. Nuts or other stones of any size ...

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