Handmade Plates

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Plates are not just usual tableware, they are an original decor for both an everyday and festive laid tables. In the plates online shop on Livemaster you'll find many handcrafted dishes with amazing design and of extraordinary forms. Dinner plates are decorated with painted lace prints, ceramic figurines or whole stories composed according to one’s creative idea: scenes with wild and domestic animals, still life and urban landscapes. The splendour is worth seeing with your own eyes.

Unique ceramics plates in the shape of autumn leaves or fruit slices look great on an eco style table. Those executed in the fusing or stained glass technique are enormously beautiful. A great plenty of handmade plate sets are so impressive you will want to present them as a gift to your friends and family. You will come across decorative plates with elegant circular patterns that do not require any framing, you only choose some that match your home interior. If you don't find the items in catalogue, you always can purchase them through a customized order — some sellers accept them and bring your ideas to life. Let yourself buy a plate on Livemaster and learn how pleasant it is to adorn home with stylish and attractive articles delighting you and tempting your guests feel jealous.