Handmade Mugs & Cups

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Mugs and cups are cooking utensils capable of bringing a touch of coziness into your everyday life. They cope with the task especially well when they’re one of a kind handmade cups and mugs made with love. Our catalogue represents different tea cups of fine porcelain for herbs, wooden beer mugs with carved tribal patterns to impress guests at a house party. Authors decorate personalized cups in the point-to-point technique or with amazing porcelain figurines, adorn custom mugs with knitted warmers, some artists add decoupage — such tableware does not only serve its intended purpose, but also are a true decoration of a table and your living room.

You can buy these products implemented in different ways in our mugs and cups online shop. Vintage ceramic mugs and saucers could be purchased as a gift to favourite friends. Fans of eco-friendly items like rustic clay things would be pleased: coarse pottery is traditionally matt, covered with painting, although there are glazed options. Make a choice in favour of unique articles and you will learn that a hot beverage from an unusual personalized mug warms not just the body but also the soul even on a cold cloudy day.