Pocket Mirrors

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Pocket mirrors are best girl’s friends. Kept in a clutch or cosmetic bag, small pocket mirrors are compact and always at hand. Many types exist, but have you ever heard of handmade pocket mirrors with round or square lids covered with furs and crystals in the traditional gorgeous Russian style? Or about plastic or metal pocket mirrors decorated with boho fabric flowers, decoupage and painting, steampunk sprockets?

All these items are found in our pocket mirror online shop. You’ll see here anything you can imagine — if not, agree with a seller to make a customized pocket mirror. Some craftsmen take such orders. A personalized pocket mirror may be created out of specific material like redwood, or gilded, have an engraved inscription or a miniature portrait painted on canvas and inserted in a little frame. Think of an image of a favourite character or masterpiece carried with you. Buying pocket mirrors at home or via an app is an exciting and time-saving process. Wish you good luck and pleasant shopping!