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Oils & blends would take you away into the fabulous world of eucalyptus or lavender relax, citrus jolt and rose pleasure. They may inflame or calm down your senses, moisten skin or stimulate new emotions. Discovering unfamiliar essential oils with rich properties opens up different facilities of natural therapy options and resupplies your vanity-case, which needs to be revised now and again and refreshed with novelties. Here we come with suggestions, probably unexperienced by you:

  • coconut oil and its nourishing composition with 50% of lauric acid has been long used for certain hair types masks, is good for wrinkles stopping,
  • flax oil is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and is thought to be useful when it is about swelling diseases like rheumatoid arthritis,
  • tea tree oil traditional use supposes healing such diseases as cold sores, earaches, but nowadays it is an ingredient of hair and scalp masks (mixed with coconut) or cuts care (with lavender),
  • argan oil with its high vitamin E hydrates skin over all body, is non-greasy and wonderfully silkens, softens hair, makes it shiny as a conditioner.

When buying oils and blends, think of the effect you want to gain, get acquainted with characteristics of an oil you’ve selected, and then select a seller you want to deal with on our oils & blends online shop. That’s great when you purchase handmade oils & blends from a craftsman working with the products for many years and who has built an excellent reputation, or find a newcomer whose works are great but still need promotion and good reviews. So, go ahead and have a pleasant shopping!