Handmade Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are wonderful trifles capable to make your day. We know many factors irritating and tiring us, but, at the same time, we know little about how to get simple calming pleasures. Just remember how great it is to be absorbed by amazing warm water with sweet fragrance of apples, chocolate, cherries or anything else you love, especially when the effect is preceded by a little show of dissolution of a lilac or pinkish handmade bath bomb with millions of bubbles in it. Sounds relaxing, and it is actually incredibly effective after a hard day or on Friday nights!

Don’t waste time thinking which bomb to select — simply surf the Catalogue of our bath bomb online shop to see that the options are so numerous you won’t be tired of trying new items again and again. Lustrous delight, scented tropical fruits, warming soaks, lavender froth, cosmic mint — get anything you’re fond of to please yourself or buy bath bombs to treat your friends. They would be grateful you to have shared a piece of joy!